I’m Open to Queries!

Good morning! I’m happy to announce that I’m officially open to queries! I’m seeking adult romance, science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction and graphic novels, as well as religious/spiritual nonfiction. You can view my full manuscript wishlist here, check out my listing on the agency website here, and query me through this form!

I’m so looking forward to diving in to everyone’s pitches and pages, and I can’t wait to meet the amazing authors I’m going to be working with!

Surprise! I’m A Literary Agent!

I’ve been sitting on this for what feels like ages, but I can finally tell you that I’ve accepted a position as a subsidiary rights manager and literary agent at the Speilburg Literary Agency! This is the fruition of so many dreams and years of hard work, and I can’t believe I’m really telling you this, right here, right now. Check out my listing on the Speilburg website, or read through my manuscript wishlist here!

I’ll be representing adult novels and graphic novels in the genres of romance, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I’ll also be representing religious and metaphysical nonfiction, especially with a progressive or syncretic bent. I’ll be opening to queries in early October, so keep a weather eye on the horizon!

The A DOWRY OF BLOOD epilogue is here!

The wait is over! An Encore of Roses, the modern-day DOWRY epilogue in Alexi’s POV, is live on Substack for your reading enjoyment. Thank you so much for your enduring interest in these characters and the world they live in; I hope I’ve done their happy ending justice.

Content guidance: This is a story about long-distance relationships and ethical nonmonogamy. It features tender sadomasochism, vampire bloodplay, breathplay, consensual sex between three adults, and a happy ending.

Click right here to read the short story for free! You can also add the story to Goodreads right here.

“An Encore of Roses” is coming this July

The A DOWRY OF BLOOD epilogue short story, “An Encore of Roses”, is going to be out in the world before we know it! Coming to you in July, this story catches up with our three favorite vampires in a modern day setting through Alexi’s POV.

The short will be going out in my newsletter in just a few weeks, so be sure you’re subscribed at saint.substack.com to get it straight in your inbox! I’m so excited to give these characters their well-earned happy ending, and to be returning to a world I love so much.

Happy Audiobook Day to A DOWRY OF BLOOD!

After much anticipation, the day is finally here! The A DOWRY OF BLOOD audiobook is available through Amazon and Audiobooks.com, and I for one cannot wait to pop it in my ears.

If you haven’t already listened to the stunning narration by Abby Craden, give the sample a listen on Tantor.com! I’m in love with her voice and think she’s the perfect narrator to bring on board for this project.

Leaving Twitter and Launching Patreon

Hello all! As part of my digital spring cleaning of 2021, I’m going updates-only on Twitter. I’ll still be poking my head in every once in a while to share news and check DMs, but other than that, I’m cutting the cord. You can still find me online at Instagram, in my newsletter, and now, on Patreon!

Despite my breakup with Twitter, I wanted a dedicated corner of the internet where I could post my writerly musings. This is where I’ll be posting monthly tarot readings for writers, WIP snippets, writing about writing, poems, mini-essays, and more, all for just $2 a month.

If you enjoyed my presence on Twitter, Patreon is the best way to stay up to date on what I’m writing and how I’m doing, and the best spot to connect with me directly and chat with me! I’m looking forward to seeing you there, should you choose to join us.

The DOWRY Audiobook Pre-Order is Live!

Hello beautiful people! I’m popping in to share some exciting news. The A DOWRY OF BLOOD audiobook pre-order is live on Amazon! Grab it today to ensure it’s delivered right to your device on April 20th.

It will be available through various retailers after release day, but this is your chance to secure your copy in advance!

If you haven’t already treated your ears to the teaser by Abby Craden, get over to the Tantor Media site and do that now. What an absolutely perfect narrator I’ve been blessed with.

I’m so thrilled to share this new iteration of A DOWRY OF BLOOD with you all, and I hope you love the audiobook as much as I do.