Manuscript Wish List

Hello and welcome to my manuscript wishlist! This is a living document, so be sure to check back often if you’re planning on querying me so you can get the most up to date information. If you’d like to pitch me, please do so through my Query Manager at

What Do You Represent?

I represent adult romance, science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels and graphic novels. This season, I’m prioritizing queer stories, romance submissions, and submissions by BIPOC voices.

What Are You Looking For In Romance?

In historical romance, I’m interested in representing queer and polyamorous love stories like the work KJ Charles or Cat Sebastian (although there’s room on my list for a perfect m/f historical!). I’m very into historical romance that centers on working class people, marginalized groups, and sex workers, though I love a duke as much as the next reader. On that note, I love the Regency and Victorian periods, but I’m hungry for historical romance that takes place in less conventional time periods or locales.

I’m on the hunt for high heat, high angst contemporary erotic romances that feel like Sierra Simone or Tiffany Reisz books. Bruise my heart on the way to a hard-won HEA! Take me to the kink club, the boardroom, the VIP suite, the backstage lounge, any evocative setting dripping with sex appeal. There’s some room for romantic suspense in this category, but I tend to get turned off by stories centering law enforcement and organized crime. I’m open to most taboo topics, so long as they’re handled in a sensitive and unique way, so don’t hesitate to send me those so-wrong-it’s-right stories.

That said, I would also love to lose myself in something a little more frothy, like a good old fashioned romcom. GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN is a great example of the kind of voice I’m looking for in that department. I’m also a big fan of Jen DeLuca’s WELL MET series. Romcoms that take place in unexpected locales, feature niche subcultures, or tackle modern day issues around sex, feminism, monogamy, and marriage are very welcome.

I’m also actively seeking romantasy of every kind. It could be something folkloric like Naomi Novik’s SPINNING SILVER or Cathrynne Valente’s DEATHLESS, something wistful like Grace Draven, or something scorching like Jennifer L. Armentrout. If you’ve got an enchanted world shot through with a strong romantic subplot, or a romance with speculative elements, I want to see it. No heat level is too high here; I dare you to scandalize me. I’m still hungry for villain and monster romances. I fell head over heels for THE MONSTER OF ELENDHAVEN and would love to represent a readalike.

Some of my favorite romance tropes include forbidden love, marriage in trouble, exes to lovers, and second chance romance. As a reader, I’m very kink-friendly, so long as consent is front and center.

I’m not a good fit for sports romances or secret babies, or romances featuring members of the military. Similarly, I’m not a good fit for sweet romance.

What Are You Looking For In Fantasy?

I’m a sucker for atmospheric, character-driven contemporary fantasy stories. I’m a big contemporary fantasy reader, and I’m looking for grounded contemporary fantasy with magic that feels as natural as breathing, like THE RAVEN CYCLE or SUMMER SONS. I love a good occult fantasy. Send me your demon deals, your secret societies, your hereditary and self-taught witches. That said, I’m a harder sell for traditional paranormal romance unless it’s a.) really bonkers b.) coming from a marginalized perspective or c.) a super fresh take on the worldbuilding of the genre. I’m not currently in the market for any supernatural P.I.s, which I get sent quite frequently.

I’m looking for high fantasy books that center relationships or politics, with intricate religious, magical, and sexual worldbuilding, such as the Kushiel’s Legacy series. I’m not big on chosen ones, magical rebellions, elemental magic, or stories centering warriors.

What Are You Looking For in Science Fiction?

Truthfully, I’ve got a lot of great sci-fi on my list right now, so I’m being more selective than usual in this genre. I love existential sci-fi, cosmic horror, and science fiction that engages with religion, spirituality, and the ephemeral. I’m not a good fit for hard sci-fi or military sci-fi, though a really fun and dramatic space opera could catch my eye. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it, a la GIDEON THE NINTH.

What Are You Looking For In Horror

I’m looking for horror that is as beautiful as it is gruesome, religious horror, queer horror, feminist horror. Mind-bending psychological terrors and quiet atmospheric dread. I’d love something with the heartrending, genre-blending flair of IN THE DREAM HOUSE. Please do not send horror set in psychiatric wards or centering suicide.

I’m a gothic girlie, and am especially interested in queer and trans gothics, gothics that take place in non-Western settings, and gothics that critically engage with the tropes of the genre. I love a haunted house story, so long as there’s an interesting twist beyond the usual sinister vibes.

What Are You Looking For In Graphic Novels

Pretty much exactly what I’m looking for in novels! Some of my favorite graphic novels include MONSTRESS, THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, and anything by Alan Moore, especially PROMETHEA and WATCHMEN. I’m open to fairytale retellings, superhero stories, alternate histories, or quiet, wrenching contemporary stories. I’m hungry for graphic novels in particular, so if you feel at all like we’d be a good fit, go ahead and query me!