You can now request advanced review copies of my queer Dracula’s Brides retelling! If you’re a book blogger, author, bookseller, podcaster, or publishing professional who would like a free copy for review, drop your name and email in this nifty form my publisher made. 

Be sure to request if you like:

  • Dracula’s Brides w/ an all bi cast 
  • poly m/f/f/m relationship
  • cathedral kisses
  • sapphic longing at the opera 
  • overcoming abuse in gothic chateaus 
  • crumbling empires 
  • vengeance

Everyone else can add the book on Goodreads!

NEW POEM: Sapphics and Werewolves and Yearning, oh my!

I’ve got a hot-off-the-press publishing update for you all today! The marvelous Star*Line recently published “Darker Urges Still”, a piece about feral women, monstrous appetites, and desires so tender they feel like violence. I affectionately refer to this one as my “lesbian werewolf poem”, and it’s a good, medicinal tonic of wildness for us while we’re all cooped up indoors.

I spent much of last winter and fall working on poems, most of which you can spy over on my instagram, but this one was special. I excavated a long of tender, tangled feelings for this one and put a lot of myself into it. This one deserved a more formal home.

Grab your copy to read the whole piece, along with other great S/FF poems! I’ve included a little teaser below for your hungry eyes. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.48.09 PM