Horrormance Chat with Hannah Whitten

Join the wonderful Hannah Whitten, author of FOR THE WOLF, and I on Instagram live on Friday February 19th to hear us talk about horror and romance. We’ll be chatting about our favorite spooky kissing books, the ethical implications of becoming a vampire, and writing retellings.

To join us, log into Instagram on the night of the event at 6PM CST/ 7PM EST and click on Hannah’s icon over at @hwhittenwrites.

Monstrous Chat with Rose Szabo

We’ve got another exciting event announcement for you today! On February 2nd, I’ll be dropping into the launch of WHAT BIG TEETH hosted by Astoria Bookstore to talk about sexy monsters and gothic reimaginings with Rose Szabo! I just got my hands on an ARC of WHAT BIG TEETH and I’m so exciting to dive into this gleaming gothic jewel.

The event is free, but be sure to reserve your spot in the Crowdcast by signing up through this link!