Big Audiobook News

I’m overjoyed to announce that both A DOWRY OF BLOOD and ROBBERGIRL are getting audiobooks! A huge thank you to my agent Tara Gilbert and to Kim Budnick and the team at Tantor for making this dream a reality.

I’ve heard the narrator slated for A DOWRY OF BLOOD and her voice is so beautiful and so she’s talented! She’s going to make a wonderful Constanta. I’ll be updating you guys with production timeline news when I have it, but right now I’m still on cloud nine!

2 thoughts on “Big Audiobook News

  1. This is so exciting, as Robber Girl was the first story of yours that I had the pleasure of diving into! And DOWRY is of course, my absolute favorite!! (it’s Vo here — forgot I had one of these.. 😅) 💖💖 So excited for this news! And cannot wait!


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